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  • Curry, Elizabeth (2017-06-30)
    In partnership with the City of Lemon Grove and the Sage Project at San Diego State University, students in Honors 113, under the guidance of Dr. Kristen Maher, collected, organized, and analyzed data pertaining to park ...
  • Becerra, Steve; Bray, Alexis; Deeb, Nicole; Dowling, Sebastian; Gonzalez, Mikayla; Medina, Steven; Turner, Eric (2017-06-30)
    This document summarizes the report and recommendation of Lucky 13 Engineering regarding the design and construction of Gateway Signs for the City of Lemon Grove. The City of Lemon Grove is a beautiful up and coming city ...
  • Nager, Katherine (2017-06-30)
    This study was conducted to investigate the potential benefits, challenges and overall feasibility of implementing green spaces as well as a community garden in the City of Lemon Grove. The report includes a detailed site ...
  • Nager, Katherine (2017-06-30)
    Sage Project Video Presentation for Lemon Grove City Council Meeting
  • D' Eon, Maya Sarah (Sciences, 2016)
    Rationale. Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a chronic pain condition that affects between 1 and 11% of the general population worldwide. Aerobic and strength exercises improve FMS symptoms and reduce physical weakness; ...