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National City is a highly urban community of about 60,000 residents in south San Diego County. It is the second oldest city in the county and boasts a rich history, a diverse community, and is known as one of the most walkable cities in San Diego County. Located just south of downtown San Diego and just north of the US-Mexico border, the city is flanked by freeways and is home to large-scale industries. National City is a mid-size city that faces big city challenges, and, like many municipalities, the city is challenged to meet community needs and new demands of sustainability. By providing new ideas and human capacity, the partnership with the Sage Project has helped National City implement sustainability concepts and practices into projects that improve livability.

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Recent Submissions

  • Legnitto, Rachel (2017-06-30)
    Branding designs for Manuel Portillo Casa de Salud Youth Center
  • Moser, Austin (2016-06-30)
    In October 2015, Dr. Kristen Hill Maher's class conducted a project designed by redevelopment director, Brad Raulston, to observe elements of safety, visual appeal, and way–finding in particular areas of the city, as well ...
  • Villareal, Elisa (2016-06-30)
    The proposals in this report reflect students’ attempts to address aspects of the growing homeless population in National City using both tested methods and novel approaches. This report is comprised of summaries which ...
  • Burbach, Kristin (2014-06-30)
    This report contains a functional way-finding system that reflects the cultural diversity and history of National City through the use of bold graphic elements, recycled materials, and visual references to the birth of the ...
  • Alvarez, Marlene (2014-06-30)
    SDSU students conducted a Sustainability Gap (SGAP) Assessment report to identify improvement strategies for the "assessed" establishments in the City of National City. The assessed establishments where the Best Western ...