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The Sage Project is a partnership between San Diego State University and a local government in the San Diego region. Students, through their course work, engage in meaningful real-world projects and contribute to pressing social needs in a community in SDSU’s service area. Students from across the University assist local governments with partner-directed projects that address their livability and sustainability goals.

SDSU students and faculty connect with high-priority, high-need community projects, thereby generating interest and fresh ideas that create momentum and provide real service to the community.

The Sage Project is part of the Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities (EPIC-N) Network and engages hundreds of students each year who invest thousands of hours assisting communities in our region as they seek to build a more equitable and sustainable future.

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Recent Submissions

  • Dodson, Joseph (2016-06-30)
    The Serial Inebriate Program (SIP) was created 16 years ago as a new and forward thinking pilot program for the City of San Diego. Its purpose has always been to help the population of homeless who are so often incapable ...
  • Welsh, Megan; Abdel-Samad, Mounah; Alizade, Eric; Ross, Jacob (2016-06-30)
    This report details the findings of research commissioned by the City of San Diego and carried out by student-researchers at San Diego State University on the issue of homelessness in downtown San Diego. We provide a ...
  • Calderon, Jose (2016-06-30)
    The results presented in this report were created in partnership with City of Santee and the Sage Project during the spring of 2016. Students in Environmental Engineering 363 collected and analyzed water samples from areas ...
  • Novak, Andrew (2016-06-30)
    This report is a reflection of the work of numerous students in Geography courses at SDSU which incorporate real–world issues into the classroom curriculum. The City of Santee, in collaboration with the Sage Project, ...
  • Strand, Thomas (2016-06-30)
    The principal objective of the Santee Water Quality Project is to identify hotspots of water contamination in Santee and determine if these hotspots change over time. To this aim, researchers in the Environmental Hydrology ...